Emotional Disorders



Most  of us have or will experience some level of depression at some point in  our lives. Even though it is common to hear someone say, “I’m so  depressed,” this is not to be taken lightly. Depression can be  unbearable and sometimes chronic. It may seem that there is no way to  get relief. In my practice, I have worked with many clients who deal  with depression or feelings of hopelessness. I work with each to see  what is causing the depression. Then, we work together to determine ways  to move forward and feel better.  


Anxiety,  worry, tension, and stress can take its toll on us. I have experienced  these feelings myself on many occasions and understand how difficult it  can be to manage them. In my practice, I first explore what is causing  problems, and then discern ways to manage and relieve symptoms. By  exploring our thoughts, we can sometimes release or reduce these  feelings. In addition to exploring this in session, I relay techniques  and ways to reduce anxiety as it happens.


Anger  can be a difficult feeling and many of us believe that anger is  negative –an emotion to shelve or bury. But we all feel anger at some  point in our lives. I believe it is how one uses anger that can be a  challenge. Violence, rage, and verbal abuse are not the same things as  anger. Such behavior is negative and often amplifies anger more. In my  practice, I often work with couples and individuals that have anger. I  notice on occasion how difficult it is for a client to express the  emotion and then release it. I will work with you to explore what is  triggering your anger, ways to constructively express it - and then let  it go. 

Grief and Loss

Grief  and loss can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming experience. Most  of us process grief in different ways. We can feel sad, angry, guilty  and even deny the emotion. Often, grief is linked with events other than  losing a loved one. There is not one single way to get through this.  Therefore, I work with clients to know and name their feelings, and  support them though their sorrow with compassion and validation. I have  experienced deeper grief several times in my life and understand how  challenging and painful it can be. 

Career Stressors

Often,  when we are older, or in a new stage in life, we realize that our  career path is no longer serving us. At times, we have no choice but to  change careers because of company struggles and difficult economic  times. As a result, we can spiral into feelings of worry, unhappiness,  being stuck, and not knowing what to do to effect change. Sometimes we  need help sorting through our thoughts and ideas to gain insight and  perspective into what truly makes us happy. To make this transition, I  help clients work through these feelings, and determine what steps they  can take to make changes toward greater success. In addition, I can  explore what limits you, or blocks you from pursuing your dream. 

Eating Disorders

Food  is what keeps us alive and sustains our ability to thrive. However, it  can also cause distress for many people that struggle with over eating,  compulsive eating, binging, dieting, and purging. The constant struggle  to maintain a healthy relationship with food can be difficult for some.  Simply thinking about food can be a secret obsession for others. When I  work with individuals who face this issue, I first want to know more  about their relationship with food. Usually, there are underlying issues  that have nothing to do with food, such as depression, anxiety, and low  self esteem. Therefore, eating to soothe and mask these feelings can  perpetuate the presenting problem. In addition to exploring the  underlying issues, together we establish goals that will help maintain a  healthier and enduring connection with food that lasts a lifetime.