Sex Concerns


Over  the years, I have worked with many individuals and couples who struggle  with sexual and sexuality issues. Often, there are underlying issues  attached to desire, sex, attraction, and sexuality that one does not  completely understand. For many, early sexual experiences began  privately as a teenager. One’s increasing desires were soothed with  masturbation with the attendant belief  that there was something  shameful about it. Secrets were fearfully hid, with no one to  talk to  about sex. As adults, sexual freedom was limited in relationships. In  the beginning of a relationship, sex can be easy because one is acting  on what nature intended. Then, as people connect on a deeper level, the  underlying shame, fear, doubt, and insecurity can start to creep in. In  my practice, I believe it is important to have a safe place to express  these concerns with honesty and freedom. Especially when it comes to  sex. Therefore, my hope is to establish that safety right away. In  addition to safety, a client needs to feel support without judgment.  When a client feels held in a safe, contained place, healing begins.  After safety is established, I work with each client, depending on the  issue, to create a treatment plan structured to support and integrate  what is learned in therapy.    

My experience also include:  

• Sex Addiction 

• Porn Addiction 

• Erectile Dysfunction 

• Sex Therapy.